Nothing is more annoying to many truckers than having their bumper damaged. The owner had few choices, which is one reason why this is such a disturbing situation. The majority of people will say to simply replace the item or deal with it.

This is not always true, as there exists a mobile business of repairmen franchises that are able to make bumpers appear new. There are about 100 bumper repair franchise operators, with the vast majority covering the southern part of the continent. Because they do outdoor jobs, it's common for them to have to take the bumper off and then fix it at their location.

The sales manager for a car dealership told me even today that the service department of his company had advised him to replace a back bumper that was bent, and that it had also been pushed into the vehicle near the licence plate. This bumper could be repaired by his local man for $125. Light truck bumpers can also be repaired in the same manner.

Several points will be taken into account. To begin with, it is essential to know that all damages cannot be repaired. This repair person does not redo bumpers. The chrome may need to be replaced if very badly damaged. Remember that even though these repairs are usually done very well, they're not perfect. If a bumper with a flat, large surface has been struck, there are often subtle waves on the chrome. They claim they can repair 90 to 95% of bumper damage, sometimes even better. This is why it's important to take into consideration.

Perfectionists would certainly be disappointed with a 90-percent repair. It is not uncommon for people to accept a 90 per cent repair for 150 bucks or to pay 600 or 800 dollars for a new bumper. It's often difficult for people to know where an actual repair is made on the bumper. Just how badly the bumper was damaged will dictate what kind of repair is needed.

They can repair painted metal bumpers using these same techniques. Sometime it's better to hire a painter to fix the bumper. It is because if it is not severe, but has definitely been painted over by the previous owner of the vehicle, the painter can probably use a standard technique to repair the damaged area.

The simple knowledge that a bumper repair may be an option can help truck owners to save money. These bumpers are quite expensive, especially on the newer models. A bumper can be badly damaged. Often the brackets which hold the bumper together are also bent. Usually, the repair professional can also fix this issue without buying new brackets.